‘When Clouds come in waves’ – Day 26/365

‘When Clouds come in waves’ – Day 26/365

Clouds, I find, you have to coax into being. Neither you nor the paintbrush know what the cloud is gonna look like and if you can replicate one perfectly, I tip my invisible painters cap to you. My clouds are defined by the emotional energy running through my hand and the micro movements that come out are a direct correlation to whatever is inside.

Still, the ‘meh, I’ve lost my cloud painting edge’ feeling does sometimes linger when the cloud you’ve coaxed is less wistful than you had hoped. And as life would have it, @emilymackeyart mentioned the exact thing yesterday in her post (and this chick paints awesome clouds 24/7), so I felt a bit better that a pro cloud painter has those days too. She reminded me that ‘daily difficulties of cloud paintings come in waves.’ But since I paint waves too.. when my wave difficulties happen, do they come in clouds? Maybe dark ones? Or rain ones.
Tome: 3.5 hours
Painting inspired by photography of @shescreative_af

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