‘Wet Wet Woods’ – Day 155/365

‘Wet Wet Woods’ – Day 155/365

Someone asked me the other day if I’m getting settled in this daily painting challenge yet.
Faster, yes.
More comfortable with different techniques, yes.
Fluidly inspired, yes.

But settled? Never. Not one time that I sit down in front of a tiny canvas do I know for sure whether I’ll pull it off. Uncertainty always shudders on my shoulders. Imposter syndrome swells in my throat. But curiosity also always tingles in my fingers. Wet Wet Wet may have been singing about love for another person, but they may as well have sung those words for your craft.

Feel it in your fingers because it IS written in the wind. And today, with a storm like this – it’s written on the rain, the thunder and the lightning too.

I hope you are getting drenched by some aspect of the thing you love today.
And if any of this sounds like gibberish or resonates with you – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to or read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. He shares a much richer ethos about all of this – overcoming the daily resistance to creating your art.
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