‘Walk in the Wild’ – Day 158/365 – R1900

‘Walk in the Wild’ – Day 158/365 – R1900

A #365challenge offers you a lesson every single day. It’s like a high-speed internship into the profession of your dreams.⠀

Sale Price of Original: R1900

Derivative work created with permission from the photographer


Tasks or projects that are a walk in the park propose little challenge or room for growth for that matter.⠀

This one is no walk in the park. It’s more like a walk in the mountains, in the wild. You go prepared for the unprepared with snake bite kits, hoping you don’t have to use them.⠀
If I give myself just enough time to complete a painting in the afternoon to be able to photograph it in nice light, I’m doing a silly thing really – assuming it will be a walk in the park. Today, a gremlin stole a very particular paint brush that I needed for the whispy foreground plants. So while I was hunting paintbrushes (and gremlins) my precious light was fading. Foolish girl.⠀
That’s the groovy thing about a #365challenge. Every single day offers you a lesson. It’s like a high-speed internship into the profession of your dreams.⠀
So today’s painting comes with less than ideal light but a nifty reminder to prepare for the unexpected⠀

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