‘Time and Tide’ – Day 65/365 -NFS

‘Time and Tide’ – Day 65/365 -NFS

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Derivative work created with permission from the photographer


They wait for no man (or woman). Some days I paint the painting and other days the painting paints me. This one was the latter. Just when I thought I’d gotten ahead of a curve again, it sucked me back in along the rip current of assumption. I painted the sea twice over, both a struggle of fluidity, before I gave up on trying to stay at my productivity pace and accepted that the water would take as long as it took. So it appears, time and tide again, I relearn nature’s same lessons of letting go on being the influencer of her rhythms. Time and tide, time and tide….
300 paintings to go…⏳
The third in my @deniscebulec inspired trilogy. 🙏🏼💙

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