‘Tickled Pinkish’ – Day 279/365 – R1200

‘Tickled Pinkish’ – Day 279/365 – R1200

Sale Price of Original: R1200

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own.


Sometimes you fool around with colour.⁠
Other times – it fools around with you.😏⁠

Sunsets are still my favourite way to play around with getting the hang of palette knife blending – or non-blending.⁠
I have a tendency to overwork stuff, so these are kind of my way of giving myself permission to experiment with colour. Maybe when they’re all done – I’ll have a strange sinking sun collage to put together 😝⁠
Lessons learnt from this one:⁠
– I’ll take the intoxicating feminine of permanent rose over the brashness of naphthalene red any day of the year.⁠
– when combining French ultramarine with Payne’s grey – the depth of the grey just swallows any royal blue undertones once the paint dries.⁠
Your favourite tones to combo with a palette knife? Please share – I’d love to learn 🙏⁠

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