‘The Water bearer’ – Day 20/365

‘The Water bearer’ – Day 20/365

I did a thing! I painted myself right out of my wheelhouse. I usually like painting from reference pictures, paying homage to nature and the photographers who acknowledge her beauty. But since I’m gonna be doing this all year long, I wanted to punctuate my paintings with a little nod to the various other calendars and cycles I find value in. So, here’s the first of my Zodiac paintings – today marks the beginning of the Aquarius cycle.
They say Aquarians are quiet thinkers, but when they flip out, telling them to calm down is like trying to baptize a cat. I’m pretty lucky to have known, adventured with and grown up with an Aquarian. We’re the closest we have to a sibling and so we call each other schwesterherz and bruderherz. If I had to summarise him, I’d say he’s one of the most loyal, honest, hardworking, daring and determined folks I know. He’s given me hell for making (in his opinion), bad heart decisions, but loved me hard none the less. And he’s also paddled me into a breathtakingly beautiful cave filled with poisonous jellyfish! You can definitely take this kite surfer out of the water, but you can’t take the water (and truth) bearer out of him! Love you @stef_m2
Tell me, what’s your favourite Aquarius like?

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