‘The Path’ – Day 148/365

‘The Path’ – Day 148/365

It’s finally happened. I’ve started dreaming in miniatures. ⠀
What does it mean? Here are two answers for you:⠀

Short answer:⠀
Be here now. You are both the earthly and the spiritual path and the growing and dying tree. When we figure out how to be all at the same time, we exist in peace.⠀

Long answer:⠀
The path winds up to the tree. Along the way you can still see the impossibly vast stars. Once at the tree, you see his roots reach way below the earth, back down to the path. His canopy is an echo of the sky. During the day the tree casts his own stars of dappled-light onto the ground. Once you leave the tree and float up into the universe you see the many lights clustered together form their own path.⠀
It speaks to the notion that we are our own never-ending path and also our own motionless tree. We exist because of the roots to our past, but we act outward in hopes to mirror our dreams. Yet, when we attach ourselves to wanting to be on any one point, we will experience discomfort or suffering (and in my case it presents as anxiety). ⠀
The whole ‘live in the moment’ advice can be so damn esoteric to grasp. But this morning, with this dream and this painting, I understood it a little bit better.⠀

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