‘The Hippie Hippie Shake’ – Day 96/365

‘The Hippie Hippie Shake’ – Day 96/365

If ever there were to be a flag that embodied the peculiar and glorious freedom of van life-ing, I think @summerofseventyfive ‘s pic of their VW bus cruising down Cactus beach in South Aus would be it. Naturally, being the hippie at heart that I am, I had to paint it!
And I came up with an accompanying anthem too:
Sea shake is to the left
Milkshake is to the right
You do the hippie shake shake
With all of your might, whoa baby
(Ok, so I slightly amended it – thanks Chan and the Beatles for laying the ground work ☺️)
Yup, cough syrup is definitely getting to me.😋
Thank you for the beautiful inspiration shot @amber.cree 🙏🏼

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