‘The Goat’ – Day 355/365 – R1900

‘The Goat’ – Day 355/365 – R1900

Sale Price of Original: R2100

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own


Tomorrow we leap into Capricorn season and I for one am beyond lucky because both my best friends are stubborn, salt of the earth goats. Both have seen me through some of the toughest, most transformative experiences of my life thus far and I feel extremely grateful for their friendships.⁠
And with that, my very last Zodiac constellation of the year!! I’ve really enjoyed the rhythm and reminder of honouring these changes in the stars and I hope you’ve enjoyed the minis that have ensued.⁠
Give your best naughty goat friend a good chin scratch – and maybe if you have one in your life, thank them for giving you horns when you doubted your own strength.⁠
10 Days left of this magical challenge… Deep breath… here we go…🙏🏼⁠

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