‘The Fish’ – Day 51/365 – Sold

‘The Fish’ – Day 51/365 – Sold

Going with the flow can sometimes feel a lot like you’re swimming up your own stream. Not resisting it and trusting where the current takes you, is where you truly come to experience the definition of your personal freedoms.


Inspiration – artist’s own


Hello Pisces season! Hope all you fishies are splashing happy. This painting surprised me. I had a plan for it with fishtails and what not all else but then after sitting for a while watching last night’s full moon with a stick of palo santo and tea, this very watery background just somehow emerged. I’m learning that sometimes going with the flow looks a lot like swimming up your own stream initially. Yet not resisting it and trusting where the current takes you, like any ocean lover will tell you, can be hella freeing. This miniature is sold.

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