‘Temple in Fire’ – Day 27/365

‘Temple in Fire’ –  Day 27/365

I still remember driving back from my first 10-day stint at Afrika Burn, 10 days of breathtaking karoo sunsets, and driving over the neck into Camps Bay slap bang into this sky… and just thinking.. well f*&# me. I stopped the car, got out and sat there staring at this violent ignition of life until it faded to grey. Then I drove home with red pinpricks in my vision thinking.. does the ‘Nature of the Burn’ follow you home..? Once you’ve seen it.. you really can’t un-see it.. (whatever ‘it’ may be for you).
And perhaps even…
Once you’ve found warmth in art, you will always crave that type of heat.
Once you’ve felt a true connection, you’ll want to leave the lonely path for good.
Once you’ve walked into the centre of your heart, you’ll never return to life in its periphery.
When it comes to the Burn, for me anyways, finding the things I needed to find, just that Once was enough.
Still, I can’t wait to see the temple burn again, to shed more, to unsee more.
Time: 7 hours
Inspired by photography of @shescreative_af .
Ps: This is the first of my miniature paintings painted on our homemade stretched canvases. A special little painting for me indeed

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