‘Starry Starry Life’ – Day 287/365 – Sold

‘Starry Starry Life’ – Day 287/365 – Sold

Private Commission, Sold

Custom Commissioned miniNatures will never be reprinted for sale. They remain unique One-Of-A-Kind Artworks.
Inspiration image: client’s photography


A commissioned birthday painting for a dear dear man, this – a capture of his trip to Antarctica during his years working as a surveyor.⁠
I’m not sure about many things in this wild short life we get, but I do believe that no night, no adventure in the genuine company of stars will ever leave you feeling regretful. ⁠
And while we truly celebrate our time on this planet only once a year I wish for this special human and for all of you a lifetime of starry nights and many happy earthdays.⁠

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