‘Stark Reality’ – Day 17/365 – NFS

‘Stark Reality’ – Day 17/365 – NFS

“The reality of things can be very sobering, almost comforting if you don’t resist them. You may be standing in your winter, facing the reflection of your choices, but know that there’s a privilege too in having enough to endure their frost.”  – Andrea

Artist study. Not for sale.


At first this photo felt cold and lonely to me, but as I painted this dormant tree’s reflection, it occurred to me that the reality of things can be very sobering and almost comforting if you don’t resist it. Yes, you may be standing by yourself, facing the reflection of your choices. But how cool is that? It’s you and no one else that can pull you through the finish line. If you’re privileged enough to be able to do so, there’s real strength in the patience of braving your winters.
(I probably listened to Patience by Guns and Roses more than 10 times while working on this. That little melody in the intro is what I imagine the man on this boat was whistling 😉).
Inspired by photo of  @mikkolagerstedt

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