‘Small Thrills’ -Day 233/365 – R1900

‘Small Thrills’ -Day 233/365 – R1900

Sale Price of Original: R1900

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Artist Inspiration: common licence photography


They say when a ladybug lands on, good luck is coming your way. On my recent forest walk, I was feeling particularly grateful and expansive and low and behold – two of them landed on me 🐞🐞.⁠
So maybe they don’t bring luck but are like little red full stops at the end of your own light and positively manifesting energy field. (Does that make any sense whatsoever? Sometimes I think and say the weirdest hippy-dippy shit)⁠
But just in case you could do with some luck today, I painted one to land on your feed.⁠
Think lucky thoughts and luck will find you 🙂⁠

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