‘Small Fish in a Big Pond-ering’ – Day 64/365 – NFS

‘Small Fish in a Big Pond-ering’ – Day 64/365 – NFS

It’s the pondering that matters, not the size of the pond you’re doing it in.

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Derivative work created with permission from the photographer


The saying goes it’s better to be a small fish in a big pond. But what about whales (ignoring for a moment that they are mammals, not fish). No-one can say they are small by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t matter how big an ocean you put them into. So I wonder if the size of the fish you are, is perhaps not decided by the ones judging your size in correlation to their own. If you’re happy roaming, exploring and discovering in the space you occupy, even if other’s deem it to be a small pond, that’s their perspective, not your truth. To me, it’s the pondering, not the size of the pond you’re doing it in, that matters.
That’s my little ‘left at the traffic lights’ Tuesday musings 🙂
Another one inspired by @deniscebulec Photography

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