‘Silence Speaks’ – Day 15/365

‘Silence Speaks’ – Day 15/365

Have you ever sat alone in swirls of mist, with only your thoughts to keep you company? Like snow, it has a wonderful way of silencing the world and stirring up unresolved whispers deep within. I had a moment this past weekend alone on the jetty with the sunrise and mist dancing across the black mirrored surface of the river. It’s a moment I’m still grappling with, sitting with and trying to understand. I didn’t take a photo, but ironically saved this beautiful shot by @formgestalter just before we left for our getaway. Whatever this fisherman was thinking, André captured the captivating silence in the mist beautifully.
Time: 4.5 hours
🎨 inspired by 📷: @formgestalter

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