‘Set Your Sights’ – Day 164/365

‘Set Your Sights’ – Day 164/365

Set your sights far, set them wide and set them bright (I’m not so sure about setting them high🤔) but when you get tired, don’t set them down.⠀
Instead, sit yourself down and admire the glow of everything you’ve already accomplished and coloured so vividly on that thing you’re growing or building. We forget to do that SO often. ⠀
I remind myself every day to not say “So many more paintings to go” but instead “I’m so stoked to have been able to paint this many already”. And still every single one is teaching me a lesson – why in my right mind would I wish them away faster? And yet we do that. I do that. So that’s my self-check for today. Hope it’s a perspective that brings a bit of kiff and kind colour to whatever awesome dream you’re working on right now! ⠀

📸Thanks @danchaknova for the glorious inspiration pic!

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