‘Set, Rise, Repeat’ – Day 186/365

‘Set, Rise, Repeat’ – Day 186/365

Okay, here me out on this one. ⁠

The sun manifests abundant life.⁠
And she does three things without fail.⁠
She sets.⁠
She rises.⁠
And she repeats the process.⁠
Could it be that simple? The formula for manifesting our own abundant lives?⁠
Set. Rise. Repeat?⁠
Set intention at night.⁠
Rise to the challenge in the morning.⁠
Yes, there’s a lot else at play to manifesting life on Earth. But every part of nature teaches us something. Perhaps the sun teaches us the element of radical consistency. After all, she’s been doing it for millennia.⁠

Just a thought.⁠

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