‘Red-y or Not’ – Day 25/365

‘Red-y or Not’ – Day 25/365

The red paint tubes in my box are the same two that I bought years ago when I started painting in acrylics.
Even in oils, I wasn’t a huge fan of red. It’s an aggressive colour to me. You need soooo little pigment and if you overdo it, well let’s say I’ve dropped many an f-bomb over the colour red. In my acrylic painting trips around the sun, I’ve still not learnt to dance with red. But I decided to give this dramatic scene a go because the person who photographed it is so encouraging to me, always. .
While I’m not sure I did the red dust and fading glow on the hills justice (it was either always to red-y or not red enough), this is another case of ready or not. :p I wonder if the sun ever feels not ready, but rises anyway.
Got any tips for painting with red. What am I missing?
Time: 5.5 hours ish
Painting inspired by photography of @geomaniac.rsa

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