‘Peace Tree-ty’ – Day 19/365 (BOOKED)

‘Peace Tree-ty’ – Day 19/365 (BOOKED)

We don’t go on adventures for the guarantee of smooth sailing. Sure, ultimately we go because we want to arrive at the destination, but the excitement that bubbles is because anything could happen on the way there.

This morning was such a morning; laptop automatically restarting because of unknown errors, free trial versions of Photoshop expiring and consequently losing unsaved files, internet connections crashing and debit cards rejected – well all that made uploading a little, edited image to Instagram rather challenging. But as Alan Watts likes to remind us, when we pursue a path of intention, the debtors of life will come calling. Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law, but when we decide on a plan of action, the things that can go wrong invariably will. I don’t think it happens because ‘ life is unfair’, or to deter you. Perhaps rather it’s to strengthen you for the road ahead and to allow you to find more of those deeply buried convictions. How badly do you want to succeed? So Badly! But – and I’m proposing a new phrase here: How goodly do you want to succeed? Hella-goodly. And to do that, we all need to make a peace tree-ty with ourselves. Be kind no matter what. The knots will unravel and you’ll be all the more subtle in mind for it.
⏳4hours (less is more is harder than it looks)

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