‘Path of Just Enough Resistance’ – Day 132/365

‘Path of Just Enough Resistance’ – Day 132/365

Some of you may already know how big a fan I am of @marieforleo. And now that I’m doing B-school I’m getting kind of drunk on her interviews. So I’m busy painting this mega-beautiful forest pic by dear friend @my.nomadic.heart, kinda struggling but also kinda loving it – the bushwhacking equivalent of painting. And in the background, I have her interview with Steven Pressfield playing – which if you haven’t had a listen is pure gold for anybody wanting to accomplish pretty much anything in their life. They discuss the resistance to the path of creation in depth.⠀

Then Steven says this: “If the dream is a tree, resistance is the shadow. As soon as the tree appears, the shadow appears.” Everything in me – especially on this 365 artist journey resonates so loudly with that. But it’s a beautiful thing really, because when you accept that resistance, the shadows, are what make your journey through the forest so rich in depth, you start to feel as though the resistance that is on your path is just the right amount for you to overcome your special brand of hangups. It’s not there to hide the rock and trip you up. It’s there to make you tread carefully and reevaluate your surroundings so your vision can adjust accordingly. It got me all fired up and feeling tall as trees.⠀
Seriously – have a listen. That man’s insight is gold. (Just google Marietv Steven Pressfield) ⠀
Have a lekker Sunday, you friggin legends you!💚

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