‘Over The Moon’ – Day 49/365 – NFS

‘Over The Moon’ – Day 49/365 – NFS

Artist study. Not for sale.


Do you believe in do-overs? I came across this bloody fantastic shot of last month’s blood moon (har har) in my search for an inspiration shot for tomorrow’s full moon. If I had been smarter last month I would have delayed my full moon painting knowing that a plethora of sexy pics would soon fill the gram. But I didn’t and so I missed this one. Oh well. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Stuff doesn’t always align perfectly, but if the moon has taught me anything, it’s that life is cyclical and that we get another chance every month to set new intentions, to try again, or to do a bit better when you know better. And I for one am over the moon about that! #cheese

PS: I’m pretty sure the original photo is a composition shot (as in photographed in layers and edited together) but I might be wrong. Either way – it’s stunning inspiration for a hungry creative.

Painting inspired by the photography composition work of @vteei

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