‘Out of Crowhere’ – Day 237/365 – R1900

‘Out of Crowhere’ – Day 237/365 – R1900

Sale Price of Original: R1900

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own


Where does the imagination reside? Does it have a shape or form? Does it come by the ray of the sun or the light of the moon?⁠
All these questions and more I asked myself as I observed this hunchback crow landing on an impossibly lithe try among the strangest sky.⁠
One thing’s for sure if imagination resides in this crow and she invited me over for dinner, promising to feed this hungry artist a lifetime of creativity, but it meant living in this burning hot and barren land with only faraway stars to keep me company, I’d politely decline.⁠
I’m off to go searching for the forests in my soul, again.⁠
Ps: Amazon, my friend, my heart is with you. 😢⁠

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