‘New Beginning’ – Day 128/365 – Gifted

‘New Beginning’ – Day 128/365 – Gifted

This painting was gifted to a perfect stranger

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own


This is the last of my three paintings done at the burn – but I have a confession to make. I only started the background at the burn and then had to pack the paint kit away on Saturday afternoon because the dust storm that came through was REAL, guys. So I completed this little guy today, and not being at the burn anymore, decided to gift it to a friend who has never been but is eager to experience her magic. This is Andries. ⠀
I gave him the final burn gift of the Karoo road (R355) at sunrise and asked him to name her what going to the burn would mean for him. It certainly marked new beginnings for me and I’m sure it will for him too.

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