‘Moon Mantra’ – Day 21/365

‘Moon Mantra’ – Day 21/365

Do you howl at the moon? The wolf cry is fun. But I really mean your inherent howl, the one that comes from the pit of all of you. Maybe our moon call isn’t just a thing to do on full moons. Maybe it should be your way of calling out the inner you by what you choose to do every day. Be who you want to be. Do life how you want to do it. Traipse the land the way it feels good on your feet. I haven’t yet figured out why I paint tiny paintings. I mean really WHY. I don’t know where it will lead. Only that If I don’t walk this tiny painting journey, I won’t reach the place where all the magic I imagine life to contain, lies in wait. Every day that I paint, I’m howling my cry at the moon. And tonight she is full. Full of promise. So howl. And do you loudly!

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