‘Mist-ical Allusions’ – Day 34/365

‘Mist-ical Allusions’ – Day 34/365

I love the incoming mist. It may look like it’s painting all the world white, but really it’s giving you a chance to observe the subtle nuances. Like in this painting; if I don’t pay attention, I add the highlights to all the trees and the low lights to all the trees. But then the effect is lost. That’s not how it works. Blanket approaches don’t work in painting or in life. If we go at it all with the same pigment and intensity it won’t achieve the desired effect. It’s the ‘mistical allusion’ the day to day – how to make some bits soft and some contrasting, some days bright and fierce and others soft and forgiving. And I love that I can learn it from new perspectives with every misty painting. .

Time: 6.5 hours
Inspired by photography of @jonnajinton

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