‘In The Moment’ – Day 224/365 – R1200

‘In The Moment’ – Day 224/365 – R1200

Sale Price of Original: R1200

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting
Inspiration image: common licence


So, what’s more true to the moment?⁠
To sit and watch the sun sinking peacefully as the reflections shimmer and the sky dances its final orchestra of colour and to then paint it unhurried from memory with only the palate of impressions left on your heart?⁠
Or ⁠
To keep up with the golden pea as she plops below the horizon daubing on colour hard and fast while she fills you with fast fleeting feelings of fading reds and bellowing blues?⁠
I think both or either – the sun doesn’t care how you dance with her, slow or fast, as long as you dance a dance, she’s happy to see you make something of your moments. And there in lies the rub. Make. Make fast or slow. But make.

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