‘In Dust We Trust’ – Day 98/365

‘In Dust We Trust’ – Day 98/365

Sunsets in the dust are a thing to behold. They’re also a thing to be moulded by. The Karoo’s flaming skies have been witness to both my hooting laughter, and my crying so full of emptiness. She’s seen me be alone among many and deeply seen next to just one. And while I was undergoing sometimes painful, sometimes utterly freeing transformations, she was burning so hard, putting on a show so beautiful that people around me first laughed and danced, applauded and cheered and then, at once, fell totally silent.
Sunsets in the dust are a fierce and truly kind catharsis.
If you can go, you absolutely must. You must.

If you absolutely can’t go (because sometimes we make plans when plans refuse to be made😏) and are struggling to re-sell a ticket, or two, it would be my greatest pleasure, in the name of a gifting economy, to unburden you of said tickets.😋 As my thank-you – two of your best Burn memories (any burn, any continent) will become little paintings. And I’ll make sure they get to you by way of seagull, kind traveller, or fellow burner.
So while you might not be able to witness new sunsets, I’ll do my damndest to give you back the magic of previous ones you can hold close to your heart (literally! 🥰). DM me if you know anyone interested! I would LOVE to be part of this burning exchange.
📸Some beautiful souls at Africa Burn!

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