‘Holding Space’ – Day 87/365

‘Holding Space’ – Day 87/365

I share a life with a fairly quiet individual, who listens far more than he speaks. It used to perplex me, because I like unravelling life and sharing the ideas that burst in me like popcorn, and often, I would find myself wishing – I didn’t have so many thoughts, wishing less movement and exuberance in my mind.

But he’s recently taught me the value of finding someone who can hold space for your energy to play in, without wanting to alter its natural demeanor. .
Painting today’s painting, I saw the answers to these recent puzzles in nature. I saw the solid tree stump hold space for his crown of dancing leaves. I saw the black night sky hold space for her trillion-strong army of lights.

And I see you hold space for me. 💙

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