‘Golden Hour’ – Day 58/365

‘Golden Hour’ – Day 58/365

The subtleties that govern our day to day journeys are mirrored in nature’s cycle. Take golden hour for example, it’s the sweet spot of dusk, when a stillness and calm falls over everything. A gilded outline frames obstacles on the horizon. You feel her peace. You feel her light. You feel her knowing. Nature in her glorious accepting truth. .
That exact moment exists for us in making decisions too. I believe it’s in those golden minutes where you must take action on what seems so illuminated in the still of your gut. They say that’s when providence takes over. .
Waiting for the right moment to act is a fool’s game. There are no safe ones. Only golden ones, where everything aligns briefly to your favour.
Time: 3 hours
Inspired by photography of @bess_hamiti

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