‘Give it Horns’ – Day 40/365

‘Give it Horns’ – Day 40/365

Now that you know about my affinity for continued threads and groups of three (read yesterday’s caption), I’ll tell you I had three days of lovely deer paintings planned in the lead up to Valentine’s day with some varied introspection on all the many things we can hold dear in life other than a significant other to ‘complete us’.
But in truth I have no soft introspection to offer when it feels like I’m using every bit of my reserves to get on top of my A-game again. And so I’ll leave you with this instead:

When it feels like you’re holding on for Dear Life to make your ‘thing’ come right, remind yourself that you’re the creator not just a creation and Give It Friggin Horns! .
Time: 6 hours
Painting inspired by photography of @furstset

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