‘Dreaming in Aurora’ – Day 14/365 – N.F.S

‘Dreaming in Aurora’ – Day 14/365 – N.F.S

“Reach for the stars, yes. Reach for the moon, yes. But most of all, reach within.” – Andrea

Artist study. Not currently for sale.

Inspired by the photography of Jonna Jinton.


“Reach for the stars”, we echo.
“Shoot for the moon”, we chant.
While I love those inspiring aspirations, it can be difficult to remember that the direction we should be reaching is deep deep within.
Today’s mini of the Aurora Borealis is inspired by the work and life of @jonnajinton who not only captures these skies beautifully but lives and breathes their sentiment.
Also, a mini hurray for connecting with 200 humans already who see what I do. 200 is a galaxy on a tiny canvas. ✨

inspired by @jonnajinton

💡:using acrylic retarder with pure pigment instead of water washes worked better for me on this super colorful night sky.

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