‘Dive deep. Live light’ – Day 12/365 – SOLD

‘Dive deep. Live light’ – Day 12/365  – SOLD

Since I’m out of signal range for the next two days and didn’t go the scheduled app route (read previous post on my reasoning) I’m posting tomorrow’s painting today.
This is my dear friend Natasha, discovering some magic in the kelp forest. I met this incredible woman at a Vipassana meditation retreat over 2 years ago. We’ve navigated some hairy and some fabulous shit together and one night over wine and delicious butternut and sage ravioli, we agreed that ‘dive deep, live light’ was a good life motto for us to strive towards. .
Like a seal you can go far into the depths of what this world has to offer. That’s where the luminous otherness dances. But the trick is to try and remain weightless, tread lightly. And don’t forget to play. .
So, I’ll be Seeing you again on Sunday!
Time: A kabazillion hours. This was a labour of love where the 80/20 rule just did not- erm hold water for me. (more like 9 h) 🎨 from 📷 by the wildly talented @the_rewilding

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