‘Cherish Blossoms’ – Day 240/365 – R1200

‘Cherish Blossoms’ – Day 240/365 – R1200

Sale Price of Original: R1200

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: common licence


I took a day for self-love and spoils.⁠
But self-love transpired into human love, food love, sunset love and random connection love.⁠
And it made me wonder – if loving the rest of the world really does begin with loving yourself?⁠
So by that thought – when people say we must practice self-love – I vote it just becomes ‘a practice of love’.⁠
Because as Dr Seuss puts it -“If someone like you doesn’t care an awful lot, nothing’s going to change, it’s not it’s not.”⁠

Care for you, then care for everyone else.⁠
Cherish your heart and then you’ll have more to give.⁠
Is mos ne? 🌸⁠

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