‘Above the Cloud-line’ – Day 30/365

‘Above the Cloud-line’ – Day 30/365

Yoh – I ᔕTᖇᑌGGᒪEᗪ with this one! Overlaying snow and mist is not easy. It really is all smokescreens and shadows and with so little space, well, as we say in South Africa – ‘ek het afgechop!’. (The wine and blaring Fleetwood mac tunes got me through).
These Mexican Mountains got me wondering, ‘What are you showing the world? What parts are you allowing to peek through? And what are you completely covering by a blanket of clouds?” By all means, we should keep stuff private, under the cover for just you and your lover. But I hope that more often than not, we allow our creviced, jagged real side to break through the clouds for all to see. Nobody is a flawless, smooth cloud bank all the time. t’s the contrast, the chips and the stuff-ups that make you real. This picture would be hella boring if it was just a smooth, white cloud bank. So, if in nature we show such reverence for all forms, shapes and oddities, why don’t we venerate jagged parts of the soul and psyche too? Nature and human nature are not so different in my book. .
Time: 8+ hours
Inspired by photography of @adventurealexphoto

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