‘A Soft Awakening’ – Day 24/365

‘A Soft Awakening’ – Day 24/365

Painting is a funny thing. Capturing a big sky with little contrast aint easy. The original pic is far more subtle and romantic. And as it turns out painting what seems simple can often be much harder because you have to get the simple really right in order for it to be effective.
On the flip side when there’s a lot of detail going on, as in other foreground, I often cut much out to keep just enough to still communicate the feeling. I’ve gone from being a content editor to a scenery editor 😉
And even in painting these – I realise, the lesson of ‘less is MORE’, is a big lesson to learn on such a little canvas.
Ai, life. You make me smile with your ways 😌
Time: 6+ hours (I’m almost embarrassed to say. That’s why this challenge is so good for me, to learn to navigate and feel that in the constant flow of creation there cannot be ‘perfection’. There can only be showing up and doing your best.
Painting inspired by photograph by @gavman18 (And so completes this little trilogy of the Light Chaser’s beautiful work! 🙏🏼 for the inspiration )

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