‘A moment in time’ – Day 269/365 – Sold

‘A moment in time’ – Day 269/365 – Sold

Private Commission, Sold.

Client commissions will never be made into prints and sold. They remain unique pieces, a One-Of-A-Kindness Artwork.

Inspiration image: client’s photograph


When I started this concept of tiny paintings, my wish was to give people a way of remembering their cherished memories in a tangible way – without the need for social media feeds. This little guy is just such a painting. Created as a commission for a special 4-year anniversary gift from a photo taken spontaneously on a special beach. It’s also my first international commission (eep🙌🏼) and travelled across the pond with my buddy from @riotbeer so as not to incur an additional sole purpose carbon footprint.
Thank you @damdickey for your support and belief in me. May this moment in time bring you both much happiness and joy for many years to come. Happy Anniversary to you both.

Here’s Dawn’s little painting on her mantlepiece 😁.

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