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How to dispose of acrylic paint sustainably by making artist ecobricks

Making art while also making waste just doesn't sit right with me. I believe there should be little if any environmental downside to our creative expressions. Becoming a zero-waste artist is still a VERY long journey for me but I've committed to it and have come...

4 Free Seasonal Wallpapers to Inspire Your Connection to Nature

I designed some free wallpaper for you smartphone from some of my tiny paintings! Because the thing is, our smartphones aren't always that smart. We have barely, if any. choice in this digital, zippy age of ours in living a life totally void of our smartphones. But...

3 insights that prove you don’t need the perfect art studio to begin creating (and actually why starting with what you have is better)

You can't open Instagram these days without seeing picture-perfect studio spaces where other artists create their masterpieces. What that picture isn't showing you is how they came to own that space. Maybe they worked their buns off for it? Maybe it became available...


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MiniNature came about from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about holding onto what really matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild. 

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