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Hello, I’m Andrea, the artist and writer behind miniNatures.

I’ve been on many varied creative career paths, always side stepping being “just an artist and writer” because I grew up believing they were “doomed pursuits”. I don’t want to feed those beliefs any more.

Working in mainly e-commerce industries, I became saturated with the fast-paced digital world, craving the slow, the simple, the natural.

And that’s how miniNature was born.

It started from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams and reminding people that we can hold onto what really matters and that living with less stuff gives us more space to be wild. 

miniNature has grown into a space of doing small things in a great way..

I’ve always believed in the magic and mystery of the universe, the infinite wisdom of nature and our responsibility to live with the Earth, not against her. miniNature is my way of living this belief through what I paint and create, while working daily at building a creative life from scratch.

By joining the miniNature tribe, you’ll be aligning yourself with folks who believe the creative life is possible and who understand that living with less, in a mindful way will give you more freedom to live greatly. 

The lovely team over at Crush did an interview with me to learn more about my 365 painting challenge. Read it here.

“I’m drawn to nature and her extreme detail and find it unlocks clarity to much bigger questions. In the end a painting of nature is worth a thousand insights.”

What will you find on miniNature? 

  • Overcoming the challenges of building a creative life from scratch
  • Tips on creating in a nature guided lifestyle studio 
  • My insights & aha moments from tiny things in nature
  • Inspiration on living mindfully with less
  • Tutorials on how we make our tiny paintings and frames
  • Our handmade miniNature artworks for sale

Who is miniNature for? 

  • Anyone who’s always held a hidden creative dream
  • People who want to learn how to be creative but not wasteful
  • Folks who believe in a slower, gentler way to build big dreams
  • Hippies at heart who benefit from insights derived from nature
  • Individuals wanting to live a more minimalist, tiny home type life
  • People who appreciate getting and giving one of a kind gifts 

It takes two…



All the tiny canvases in the miniNature studio are handmade from scratch. When the idea to create a 365 project of tiny paintings was born, my need for many more small canvases on an even smaller budget as well as an awareness of the ecological footprint of buying them off Amazon made in China, awoke the woodworking talents of my partner, Victor. 

He’s since become an integral part of miniNature, making not only the individual canvases I paint on, but also, the geometric canvases and the natural wood frames for custom collaboration projects.



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Big projects

The 2019 365 challenge

In 2019 Andrea, with the daily support of her partner Victor, completed a 365 daily painting challenge. Together they made and painted 365 tiny paintings, which the artist posted daily to Instagram channel along with insights on the life of an artist and inspiration drawn from nature. They are planning an exhibition of the full collection later this year. (Sign up to the newsletter to find out when)


MiniNature came about from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about holding onto what really matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild. 

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