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Hello! I’m Andrèa



Hello, I’m Andrea, the artist behind these miniature paintings of nature, or as I call them miniNatures.

Before I painted tiny paintings I was a freelance writer. Before that I was a sculptor. But those are just my ‘whats’ not my ‘who’.

My who is a woman who believes in the magic and mystery of the universe, the infinite wisdom of nature and the custodianship over Earth’s wellbeing as human beings on this planet.



I choose to experience a life filled with sustainability, mindfulness and ample time connecting to nature as I build my own story of intentional living.

Through painting, I have found a way to channel my love for nature, both through paint and words, into unique tiny paintings that make people happy. I live for the beautiful stories of connection and synchronicity by the likeminded people whose journeys and adventures I get to paint. Occasionally I paint nature inspired abstracts too. 

And sometimes… when I’m overcome by the magic of humans living with and for nature, I gift a painting forward.

Let’s Get Started

My 2019 365 challenge

I decided to get fully behind my creativity this year by painting one miniNature a day for a year. I have a hunch it will lead me to the minimalist, nomadic life I’m meant to live. Most of this body of work is inspired by beautiful images shared by nature-oriented photographers (whose permission I have to create derivative work), or those getting out there and living their dreams in ways I admire. As it so happens, the paintings sometimes seem to align with various forces in my life and have provided a channel for the writer in me to share these insights with you. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram or Facebook.




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MiniNature came about from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about holding onto what really matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild. 

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