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Hello, I’m Andrea, the artist behind miniNature.

I paint tiny paintings of places and feelings you want to remember. I believe our time in nature is when we feel most connected to who we are.

My tiny paintings are a way for you to hold on to that part of yourself.  They make for unique gifts and restorative art for wild hearts. 


My tiny paintings restore the connection between people and nature.


My tiny paintings are all of moments or aspects of the natural world that make us feel joyful and connected. Mostly we post those moments to Social Media, where they get lost in our feeds. And so the memory stops feeding you. These miniatures are my way of connecting you to those experiences in a minimalist, device free kind of way. 

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Andrea and her tiny paintings are beautiful bright lights!

I commissioned a painting, for a very special friend of mine, of a place that holds wonderful memories for us. It was given with love and received with awe and gratitude, a truly amazing little piece of wonderfully created art.  Her attention to detail and talent are brilliant. The whole experience was completely enjoyable! Thank you Andrea xxx.


Seeing the glint in his eye when he opened his present was heart warming and moving for both of us.

I was completely out of ideas on what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. I really wanted to give him something meaningful and personal.

Dating a surfer I knew that the only thing his soul yearns for is good swell and perfect waves. So I had a picture of him surfing his first Indonesian barrel painted. Seeing the glint in his eye coming alive when he opened his present was heart warming and moving for both of us.

– Tasha

“In January my friends surprised me with one of my most memorable ocean experiences.”

“They had my seal diving photograph painted with MiniNature to celebrate my 30th birthday. Seeing my special experience captured on a hand-painted, tiny canvas with such detail was a moment I will always treasure with me.

Not only do I fondly remember my connection with the seals underwater when I look at my painting, but I am now also reminded by how much I am cared for by my friends and the pleasure of sharing the experience with them.”




Personalise your meditation space with tiny art that brings you peace.


Invite the tranquility of nature to your work or creative space.


Keep your travel memories where they can keep you grateful.

365 miniNature project

In 2019 I did one painting a day for a year. Some of these miniNatures are still

up for grabs and looking for homes to bring some happiness to.




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MiniNature came about from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about holding onto what really matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild. 

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