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About Me

Hello, I’m Andrea. I paint tiny paintings of the moments you want to remember. I believe our times in nature is when we feel most connected to who we are. My miniNature paintings are a way for you to hold on to and remember that feeling. They make for super unique gifts, travel keepsakes or just some soul-enriching tiny art for your wild heart.


I want my work to restore the connection between people and nature.

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My tiny paintings are all of moments in nature – memories and places where we feel real connection. Mostly we post those moments to Social Media, where eventually they get lost in our feeds. And so too does our connection to those moments.  These miniatures are my way of giving you a physical connection to that moment you felt most alive. They’re my way of making big things tangible again, in a small, minimalist (and device-free) kind of way.

The moments that capture your wild heart will keep you wild if you keep them close.


 Turn a friend’s best moment in nature, the one they can’t stop telling you about, into a unique miniNature painting. There will be no other gift like it and you’ll both feel so connected by the experience.

365 project

I’m doing one painting a day for a WHOLE YEAR. Some of the miniNatures are still available to buy. Get in touch if you want first dibs on your favourite.






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MiniNature came about from a desire to capture big moments in nature that were getting lost in the digital image streams. It's about holding onto what really matters, living minimally and being able to create in a tiny studio from anywhere in the world, from one wild heart to another.